The Remedy - Adam Haslett

Reading Challenge Category: Free from Amazon Prime

Official Blurb:

After years of traditional treatments and therapies, Derrick still suffers from pain ineluctable enough that it has become his identity. Then he hears of an exclusive, very private New York clinic that promises relief. It comes highly recommended by a friend. The multisession remedy unfolds as a sensorial wonder that’s so illuminating it’s enough to bring tears to Derrick’s eyes. It’s all working so well. So unexpectedly well.

My Thoughts:

This is not what I expected. I knew something sinister would come out in the end but not that! It is a short story, but you get to know the main character quite well. I did feel something was lacking from it, but I think this was on purpose to leave you wanting more and not to lengthen a book unnecessarily.
It only took about 30 minutes to read it, and it did have me gripped throughout. Overall, an excellent short read and I will be looking this author up for more of his work.

The Remedy
by Adam Haslett
Date Started
31st July 2022
Date Finished
31st July 2022