The Other People - C.J. Tudor

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Official Blurb:

She sleeps, a pale girl in a white room . . .
Driving home one night, stuck behind a rusty old car, Gabe sees a little girl's face appear in the rear window.
She mouths one word: 'Daddy.'
It's his five-year-old daughter, Izzy.
He never sees her again.
Three years later, Gabe spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, searching for the car that took his daughter, refusing to give up hope, even though most people believe that Izzy is dead.
Fran and her daughter, Alice, also put in a lot of miles on the motorway. Not searching. But running. Trying to keep one step ahead of the people who want to hurt them.
Because Fran knows the truth. She knows what really happened to Gabe's daughter. She knows who is responsible. And she knows what they will do if they ever catch up with her and Alice . . .

My Thoughts:

OMG, C.J. Tudor has done it again and written an absolutely gripping, couldn’t put it down thriller!
I didn’t expect to read this book so fast, but I should have known better as the ‘Chalk Man’ blew me away, and this one is just as amazing.
One evening when Gabe is rushing home from work, he sees his daughter in the car in front. From that moment on, his life spirals out of control, and he is faced with lies and depict from people he thought he could trust. He discovers the atrocities of the Dark Web, and before he knows it, he risks losing everything he didn’t think he had.
It had a very different feel to it compared to her first two books, that I said at the time of reviewing the second, that there were too many similarities. This one is completely unique. There are so many twists and turns you just don’t know what the outcome is going to be. There aren’t any significant or major gasp moments as everything is unravelling and revealing itself to you throughout the book. You find yourself in awe, though, by the intricate storylines and how it has all been kept together and how everything was interwoven the way it was. It was very cleverly written and brilliantly thought out. I kept trying to second guess everything but just couldn’t!
The only thing I wasn’t too sure about was the slightly paranormal vein that ran through the story. I just couldn’t quite get on board with the pebble situation or what happened to Isabella. However, I go into Tudor’s books, knowing that they could have a slightly ‘other-worldly’ element to them. So I don’t let this bother me and just go with it.
Overall, a truly enthralling story about a man that has lost everything and has nothing more to lose. This is a first-rate novel which I am sure is going to knock everyone’s socks off next year when it is released. C.J. Tudor really is a master of her craft.

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The Other People
by C.J. Tudor
Date Started
26th December 2019
Date Finished
27th December 2019
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