The Night Whispers - Caroline Mitchell

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Official Blurb:

It began with the whispers. In the woods, in the park, and always at night. Then they came into town, down dark alleys, and in the shadows. Before long, the black-eyed children were moving closer, until finally there was a knock on the door.
When the couple were found dead with their faces frozen in horror, the children were nowhere to be seen. Until it happened again.
Join Detective Sarah Noble as she investigates another dark case in the town of Slayton.

My Thoughts:

Wow, this was creepy!
Little children running around with hollowed-out eyes and whispering, can it get any more disturbing?!
Right from the beginning, I was hooked; this book just had a way of luring you in and keeping you there. Even if it was 1 am, and you were terrified by what you were reading, it compelled you to keep going! And this did spook me; I was scared to close my eyes and be in the dark! It was very well written!
Before starting this one, I didn’t remember much about the first Slayton book, although the more I read of this, the more I remembered the characters. Things that had happened in the past were alluded to, but I think just an odd paragraph might have been helpful, just briefly recapping at that point. I couldn’t remember Sarah’s history, although I remember it being shocking, but I just needed a gentle reminder. Nothing major just something to stop me from trying to rack my useless brain for information that just wasn’t stored.
Once I tried to stop remembering and just enjoyed the story, I flew through the book. It was a terrific story, and all the characters were really interesting. The ending was perfectly twisty and everything is wrapped up and tied off.
I’m looking forward to the next in the series, and this time I will make some crib notes to remind me of who’s who!

The Night Whispers
by Caroline Mitchell
Date Started
24th July 2022
Date Finished
27th July 2022