The Next Wife - Liz Lawler

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Official Blurb:

I should never have married him. I ignored the warnings. It’s what you do when you’re in love. Ignore what you don’t want to see.
My husband is everything I ever dreamed of. A handsome, successful doctor who swept me off my feet. Our new life together is perfect.
He’s perfect.
But am I good enough for him? I never seem to get anything right. And I’m starting to feel a little afraid of the man I married.
He’s taken away my bank card and my phone. I don’t know what to think or what to do. I gave up everything for him and now I’m trapped.
Then a stranger comes to our door. She tells me that I can’t trust my husband.
That I should ask him what happened to his first wife.

My Thoughts:

I’m in two minds about this book.
On the one hand, I’ve not been able to put it down. It gripped me right from the start with the unknown danger one female was in. We then meet two more females and don’t have a clue how they are connected or if any of the women we have met so far are the same woman. It was enthralling right from the start.
On the other hand, the main protagonist Tess was just so annoying. A lot of the plot just didn’t make sense, and the actions of many of the characters were slightly bewildering.
Tess learns pretty quickly into her whirlwind marriage that her husband isn’t who she thought he is and things take a rapid turn for the worse. However, she stays put and continues to allow him to deal out his punishments. She doesn’t stand up for herself, nor does she justify staying because she loves him as you would expect. All she wants to do is uncover the truth even if that means she doesn’t survive. She was a young and capable woman; there was no need for her to have allowed this level of abuse to happen so quickly without at least questioning it at the beginning.
When she does finally come to her senses, they seem to leave her not long after, and she still makes some questionable decisions. Her mind was as befuddled as mine was reading this.
You really have to concentrate at the end to follow what has happened and who everyone is. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a dream sequence or whether it really happened. It was all very confusing.
I can’t decide how many stars to give this book. For the plot holes and annoying protagonist, I want to give it three. However, I wasn’t able to put it down, wanting to find out how it would end and that usually equals four stars. I think I am going to base this on the ending being a disappointment and the fact I’m left wondering whether I should have even bothered persevering with it (luckily it was fast-paced so it didn’t feel like a chore). So, I am settling on three, which is a real letdown from this author. I have read her other two books and thoroughly enjoyed them; this one didn’t have the same magic, unfortunately.

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The Next Wife
by Liz Lawler
Date Started
8th October 2020
Date Finished
10th October 2020
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