The Little Village of Happiness - Holly Martin

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Official Blurb:

Willow McKay needs a fresh start. Her recent break-up may not have left her heartbroken, but it’s certainly wounded her pride. Desperate for a change, an advert offering free homes in a picturesque village on the Cornish coast sounds like just what she needs. Without thinking twice Willow packs up her life and heads to the village of Happiness.
But when Willow arrives, she finds ramshackle cottages, shops lying empty and villagers that seem in need of cheer themselves. It's nothing like the pretty picture the advert had boasted. It seems Happiness was too good to be true. That is until she meets the handsome estate manager Andrew Harrington.
His passion for restoring the village to its former glory is contagious and soon they are working together, forming a secret society to bring happiness back to Happiness. And as sparks fly between them Willow can feel herself falling. But Andrew is holding something back.
Will they succeed in transforming the old village to its original beauty before it’s too late? Can the gift of happiness really save a village, and can it save Willow herself?

My Thoughts:

This is such a heartwarming and feel-good book. It is filled with happiness, but there are some hold back the tears moments too.
Willow McKay needs a fresh start and jumps at the chance of 12 months rent-free living in a little village on the Cornish coast. The Village of Happiness is just what she needs to mend her broken heart and revive her life. However, all is not what it seems, and she is brought back to earth with a bump on arriving at her new start life. Happiness needs to be injected into the Village of Happiness and Willow is determined to make this happen. Along with her new partner in crime, Andrew, she sets to making a plan and if she has some fun herself along the way, would that be so bad or is it too soon?
Willow’s character is full of joy, and she is so optimistic. This can go wrong in writing, and that character can end up being a bit too saccharine; however, Holly Martin gets the balance just right with Willow. She is really loveable, relatable and a genuinely nice person. Andrew also is really well-written. He has his own demons to come to terms with and it was really nice to read about this obstacle that so many people face. It was lovely to read the author’s note at the end about all the research she did into Andrew’s condition. It’s always great to know the author has put effort into making sure the book is as accurate for the reader as possible.
I loved the camaraderie between Andrew and Willow; the honesty between them was a breath of fresh air. They said what they wanted and threw caution to the wind. In so many romance books, there is so much misunderstanding because the characters don’t say what they are feeling or thinking, and it can be frustrating. There is none of that frustration here, just two people speaking up for what they want.
Overall, this was a fantastic, enjoyable book that put a smile on my face. I am very much looking forward to book two in the series and seeing what the author has in store for Willow’s friend Ruby and Andrew’s brother Jacob. Will they change their ways and settle down or is their attraction headed for disaster?

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The Little Village of Happiness
by Holly Martin
Date Started
24th June 2019
Date Finished
26th June 2019
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