The Lawyer - Valerie Keogh

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Official Blurb:

What if someone from your past tried to destroy your future?
When Melanie Scott is promoted to junior partner, she thinks she has put her past behind her and while out celebrating her promotion, she meets the handsome and charming Hugo Field.
Melanie has her doubts and is haunted by her mother’s critical voice, which reminds her that she’s messed up before. But when Hugo invites her for dinner, she buries her feeling and accepts his invitation.
She deserves the chance of happiness, doesn’t she?
However, the past she thought she'd buried resurfaces when she receives an email containing a name; Anne Edwards. A name she thought she’d left behind.
When the emails escalate, she knows she has to find out who is behind them, but at what cost?
Melanie is about to learn that her past will shape her future forever…

My Thoughts:

Valerie Keogh's "The Lawyer" is a fast-paced psychological thriller that can best be described as chewing gum for the brain. While it may not be overflowing with action, it manages to keep you engaged with a persistent undercurrent of suspense that propels you through the story.
The plot of "The Lawyer" unfolds gradually, with little happening in the early chapters. However, this deliberate pacing serves to build tension, and it pays off handsomely in the latter part of the book. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, Keogh throws in a series of twists and surprises that take the narrative in unexpected directions.
As I delved deeper into the story, I began to suspect certain characters, and I was delighted to find that my suspicions were not entirely unfounded. However, what truly made this book a fun read was discovering the intricate whys and ins and outs that motivated the characters' actions. Keogh excels at weaving a complex web of motives and secrets, making the resolution of the story immensely satisfying.
In summary, "The Lawyer" is an easy but delightful read for fans of psychological thrillers. It may not be a rollercoaster ride of non-stop action, but its suspenseful atmosphere, coupled with the well-crafted twists, makes it a worthwhile choice for those seeking a gripping and thought-provoking tale.

The Lawyer
by Valerie Keogh
Date Started
8th September 2023
Date Finished
9th September 2023