The Last To Know (Lilac Bay Book 4) - Rachel Schurig

The last to know

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Official Blurb:

Posey Conley has a perfectly happy life. A great job, a loving family, a wonderful group of friends-and she gets to live on Lilac Bay, the quirky little island she's loved forever.
Plus, she's engaged to a great guy. Even if Paul doesn't quite get along with her loving family or her wonderful friends. Even if he spends a lot more time at work than on her beloved island. No relationship is perfect, right?
And then Posey bumps into Isaac Chase and suddenly she's feeling uncertain about her perfectly happy life. Isaac is everything Posey is not-flirty, adventurous, brave, and never settled in one place. He's also insanely hot.
And he just so happens to be her fiancé's best friend.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been waiting for Posey’s story ever since Iris landed in Lilac Bay in book one. There has always been an air of mystery surrounding her relationship with her fiancé Paul as we have never met him in any of the other books, but FINALLY, we get to meet him in this one.
It was so good to get an insight into how Posey felt about her family’s comments about Paul. It was also good to realise Paul wasn’t an uncaring monster. He was generally a good guy torn between wanting to be the perfect doctor and help people but still loving Posey at the same time (he reminded me a little of Jack from ‘Lost’).
By meeting Isaac and developing feelings for him, she is left with the most heartbreaking dilemma of her life. Break the heart of the guy who loves her deeply or follow her own happiness!
This was a really good read, and you really feel the emotions that Posey was going through. The book still had a lot of laugh out loud moments too that you would expect from a Lilac Bay novel!

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The Last To KNow
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
7th September 2018
Date Finished
10th September 2018
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