The Knight Before Christmas - Sierra Hill

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Official Blurb:

A break-up. A break down. And the mountain man who came to her rescue.
After suffering through an unexpected divorce, the only thing Ivy Foxx has on her Christmas list this year is some downtime in her newly acquired mountain home in Knight’s Falls. Walking away from her three-year marriage was tough enough but nothing compares to the loneliness of spending her first holiday alone. Or the fear of her unknown future, which is as scary as her car breaking down on the icy mountainside during a blinding snowstorm.
The only thing working in her favor this Christmas Eve is the silent and surly mountain man who comes to her rescue. A knight-in-shining armor he is not. But one can’t be too picky when there are no other options.
Anderson Knight may be the town’s only towing service, but it doesn’t mean he has to enjoy dealing with customers, especially ones who interrupt his Christmas Eve solitude. Even on the best of days he can be a grouchy bear, but on a night when his lost love still eats him alive, he’s a beast. And even the pretty female stranger in need of assistance may not be able to break through that ice.
But it's the time of year when the magic of the holidays and the Christmas spirit intervenes, connecting two lonely and broken hearts together under the unlikeliest of Christmas Eve circumstances.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book in the Flirt Club’s new series ‘A Holiday Mountain Man’ and oh is Anderson the perfect depiction of this! He sounds like a mountain from his description, and I can see why Ivy swoons into his arms at the first opportunity!
This is a short and fast read at only 56 pages long, but we get to find out about both Ivy and Anderson and what has brought them to this moment in time. The book doesn’t feel rushed, but you fly through it at the same time.
It is the perfect feel-good Christmassy book. There is no major cliche ending but just the perfect Happy Ever After, lots of laughs, love and family.
This is the perfect start to what I hope will be another great series from the Flirt Club!

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The Knight Before Christmas
by Sierra Hill
Date Started
6th December 2020
Date Finished
6th December 2020
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