The Institution - Helen Fields

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Official Blurb:

They’re locked up for your safety. Now, you’re locked in with them.
Dr Connie Woolwine has five days to catch a killer.
On a locked ward in the world’s highest-security prison hospital, a scream shatters the night. The next morning, a nurse’s body is found and her daughter has been taken. A ransom must be paid, and the clock is ticking.
Forensic profiler Dr Connie Woolwine is renowned for her ability to get inside the mind of a murderer. Now, she must go deep undercover among the most deranged and dangerous men on earth and use her unique skills to find the girl – before it’s too late.
But as the walls close in around her, can Connie get the killer before The Institution gets her?

My Thoughts:

I have loved all of Helen Fields’ books. However, this was not the best.
I was delighted to be getting another Connie Woodwine story after seeing her in another standalone and making a guest appearance in one of the Luc Callanach’s books. However, I felt her character and spark were dampened in this book and left me frustrated with her as a protagonist. I know it was purposely done like this to fit in with the story, but then why did she put herself in that position in the first place if she wasn’t strong enough? It just made me a little mad.
As did the actions of the staff at the hospital. What they did, Connie, just made no sense. It was a male ward for a start; they were all there under court orders, yet they did what they did to Connie. It infuriated me.
The premise behind why she was there in the first place also didn’t make that much sense. Luckily as Connie investigated, the wrinkles in this started to get ironed out. However, I found it a weak reason to get Connie involved, not the police.
So, I was very disappointed with this book, and I am gutted as a friend of mine from Book Club has also received this from NetGalley on my recommendation of the author. This is not the best introduction to this author at all, and if this is your first read, don’t dismiss this author, and please go back and read the Luc Callanach series, which is far superior in writing to this one.
The best thing I found about the book was when Connie is chatting/interviewing the other inmates, and we get to see their depraved minds. It really put me in the mood for a good gruesome serial killer book.

The Institution
by Helen Fields
Date Started
6th February 2023
Date Finished
12th February 2023