The Husbands - T. J. Brearton

The husbands

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Official Blurb:

He kills their wives. He destroys their families.
Then he comes after the husbands.
“Do you want to know who killed your wife?” he asks.
Kelly Roth, FBI profiler, returns home to Syracuse to stop a sadistic serial killer.
Three murders in three separate jurisdictions in central New York State have the same pattern: women killed by fatal headshots from a hunting rifle. Kelly Roth is sent from Virginia to help the local police.
Each victim was found murdered in a remote area or in a quiet park. The media call him “The Park Killer.” But Kelly doesn’t think the killer lurks in the bushes. She thinks he hunts his victims somewhere else.
Is he really contacting the bereaved husbands or is this just someone playing a sick game? Kelly will risk her own life in a heart-stopping race against time to stop more murders and find out the truth.

My Thoughts:

Hmmm, I’m in two minds about this book. I half enjoyed it, and half found it boring. I couldn’t get to grips with the protagonist, Kelly Roth, she was very morose, sombre and unapproachable. I know she had a painful past, but that wasn’t what this book was about. I just felt like I couldn’t take to her at all.
There were parts of the book that dragged and went into too much detail. Such as the lecture given on guns, I found myself skim reading this section as, although, relevant to the story I don’t feel like that much detail needed to be given.
Something that really grates on my nerves, and I’ve mentioned this for other books are acronyms without an explanation. The first time one is used, it should always have the full version alongside it. It shouldn’t be assumed that the reader knows what they are, especially as the majority in this book were police-related. I’m from the UK, and this is set in America, so I definitely didn’t know half of the terminology used (FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or course I did) which left me stumbling over the acronyms with no clue what the characters were talking about.
The thing that kept me most interested in this book, however, was the small snippets we were given into the killer’s mind. These were the most fascinating sections, and I kept moving forward, wanting to know who he/she was and why were they doing these awful things.
I guessed who their next target was going to be, but the end of the book fell very flat. The unveiling of the killer felt effortless, and I was left thinking “oh, is that it?” I was expecting a more significant twist, and I felt cheated for having invested in the book for this ending.
I’m still giving this three stars, but this is only because of the suspense that the book built up. I think without the snippets from the killer, this would have been just a two-star read.

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The Hubands
by T. J. Brearton
Date Started
3rd March 2019
Date Finished
5th March 2019
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