The Hive - Jane Holland

Reading Challenge Category: Just really wanted to read it!

Official Blurb:

Scarred by fire from infancy, with a persistent stammer, Charlotte has always been in the shadow of her glamorous theatrical parents. So it's a shock when her mother commits suicide.
Left to care for her sick father in the dark maze of her childhood home, Charlotte begins to unravel. First, there's the mysterious arrival of a box of dead bees. Then buzzing noises in the attic. People are watching her. Listening to her.
Everyone thinks she's losing her mind. But an old photo suggests another, more sinister possibility ...

My Thoughts:

I didn’t know what to expect from this book as the author has self-published it, and she also said it was very different from anything else she has written. I should always know that Jane Holland or whichever pseudonym she is writing under will deliver a fantastic book.
Even though it is quite slow going, to begin with, once you are invested this book really grips you. I wondered, to start with where it was going. Something terrible had happened but not necessarily enough for you to be pondering over the circumstances. However, things begin to spiral gradually and subtly building up to the grand finale that will have you on the edge of your seat.
I thought I had it nailed quite early on, but then as the book developed, I really hoped I was wrong. I’d started to like this character and didn’t want them to be sinister. Then at about 60%, I began to have some more solid suspicions about what was going on. I was right on both accounts. Sometimes books totally take you by surprise and others you can start to see the patterns developing. I like both books; I do like to be right sometimes! However, the reasons for what was happening and who was behind it all could have been anyone. At one point, I was suspicious of every character.
The book could do with a little more copy editing as there were a few inconsistencies and grammatical errors, but this didn’t detract from the story.
This was a very creepy thriller. It was an easy and enjoyable read, but in an “ah I’ve got to know what’s going on kind of way”!

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The Hive
by Jane Holland
Date Started
24th August 2019
Date Finished
25th August 2019
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