The Game - Cherie Mitchell

Reading Challenge Category: Free from author

Official Blurb:

Six close friends. One terrible secret. Bree has been counting down until her girls' weekend away with five of her close friends and she is more than happy to escape the responsibilities of family life for a few blissful days.After everyone arrives and settles in for the first evening in their idyllic cabin in the woods, Bree suggests playing a game of Speak Your Truth. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea, but Bree eventually convinces her friends that the game will be fun and the confessions can remain anonymous.However, the game takes a turn for the worse when a terrible secret concerning one of the women's husbands is revealed. As the weather turns nasty outside, the atmosphere in the cabin descends into one of suspicion and mistrust.Who wrote the note? Why is she refusing to admit it? And which one of the friends broke the rules of the game?

My Thoughts:

This book is captivating and enthralling. I was gripped right from the start with all the secrets Bree was initially harbouring and the promise of more to come.
Bree and her five friends are all escaping to a cabin in the woods for a few, very much needed, relaxing days of nothing more than wine, chatter and a beautiful setting.
However, things take a sinister turn after Bree recommends a game of ‘Speak Your Truth’. I’m not sure how she ever thought this was a good idea, but there wouldn’t have been a book without ‘The Game’! The weekend quickly takes a turn for the worst when the women decide to reveal all their deep and hidden secrets in the game.
I can’t say that any of the characters were particularly likeable; however, this didn’t stop you feeling invested in their lives and wanting to know which secret belonged to which woman. The storm brewing outside made for the perfect backdrop to the story.
I had thought with it only being 186 pages long that it wouldn’t have the meat in it that was needed to make this feel like a complete story. However, everything was covered, and you really felt as if you got to know the characters. I think if it had been any longer, it would have started to feel a bit drawn out, so the length was just perfect. It was also a great idea to cover the story from only Bree’s point of view. I think if the other characters had had alternating voices, it would have started to get overcomplicated, and in such a short book, this complexity wasn’t needed. The author did well to keep things simple and see everything with Bree’s voice.
I received this book free from the author in return for a review. I’m always quite sceptical about these requests as I’m never sure what I am going to end up reading. However, I can honestly say that this was a pleasant surprise. I was genuinely gripped by the storyline and even found myself thinking about the book when I was doing other things. I couldn’t wait to get back to reading to find out what was going to happen.
A fantastic read and I’m glad the author reached out to me, I will certainly be reading more of her work.

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The Game
by Cherie Mitchell
Date Started
6th April 2020
Date Finished
7th April 2020
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