The Favour - Nicci French

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Official Blurb:

A good deed
Can turn deadly…
When Liam unexpectedly turns up in Jude’s life after ten years of no contact, asking her for a favour, she just can’t say no. He was her first love, and even though she is now a successful doctor and about to get married, he will always be someone special to her.
But after she does the favour, she is contacted by the police, informing her that Liam has been found dead, and suddenly she is caught up in a murder investigation.
And she realises this one decision could cost her everything – even her life…

My Thoughts:

"The Favour" by Nicci French has an exciting storyline that initially hooks the reader. I was intrigued by the favour Liam wanted from Jude after such a long time. As soon as he was insistent on giving her his credit card, it was obvious what he wanted from her. Jude, despite being a doctor, was very bright. She was very slow to come to conclusions and realise things going on around her. She was a very passive character who got swept along in things that she should have just left alone.
Due to this behavioural trait, her actions were frustrating and may leave readers feeling exasperated. For example, the party after the funeral was hard to read due to Jude going around in circles trying to leave. Plus, why did she keep drinking!?!? This drove me mad, and I wanted to throw the book or Jude, for that matter, across the room.
After such an intriguing start, the book goes quite slow and becomes repetitive, with the protagonist, Jude, constantly repeating herself. This made it hard to keep an interest in the story when she was telling the 100th person the same story. So I felt like I plodded through most of the book and was hoping for an explosive ending.
I wasn’t disappointed; the ending was action-packed and satisfying. It made up for the slower pace of the middle of the book and left me thinking long after finishing it.
Overall, "The Favour" may not be the best thriller novel for readers looking for fast-paced action and an engaging plot. However, those who are more patient and enjoy character-driven stories might appreciate the book.

The Favour
by Nicci French
Date Started
12th March 2023
Date Finished
16th March 2023