The Christmas Guest - Peter Swanson

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Official Blurb:

When Ashley Smith - a bright-eyed but lonely American studying in London - is invited to spend Christmas with her classmate's family at their Cotswolds manor house, it seems like a perfect country idyll.
And for Ashley - who records it all in her diary - there's the added romantic potential of her friend's twin brother, Adam, who she thinks could be her wildest dream come true.
But is there something strange about the old house, both stately and rundown? What could the motives of the mysterious Chapman family be? And what holiday horrors might be lying in wait?

My Thoughts:

"The Christmas Guest" by Peter Swanson turned out to be a delightful surprise for me, primarily because I hadn't initially realised it was a novella. This oversight on my part didn't hinder my reading experience; in fact, it added an element of pleasant surprise as I zoomed through the pages.
One of the standout features of this novella is its swift and engaging narrative. Swanson masterfully crafts a storyline that moves with such speed and fluidity that it held my attention from the very first page. It's a testament to his storytelling prowess that I found myself effortlessly immersed in the plot, eagerly turning pages to uncover what would happen next.
What truly sets "The Christmas Guest" apart is the unexpected twist that is expertly woven into the narrative. This twist not only caught me off guard but also left me utterly astounded. I couldn't help but reflect on it long after I had finished the book, and it's a testament to Swanson's skill in crafting a compelling and thought-provoking story.
Despite being a novella, the length of this book felt just right. Swanson manages to pack in all the necessary elements to create a fully fleshed-out story without unnecessary filler. This concise yet impactful storytelling approach added to the overall enjoyment of the read.
As I closed the final pages of "The Christmas Guest," I couldn't help but feel thoroughly satisfied with the experience. It's a testament to Peter Swanson's talent as an author that he can create such a captivating and memorable story in a novella format. If you're in search of a quick but highly enjoyable read with a twist that will keep you pondering long after the last page, then "The Christmas Guest" is a perfect choice. I really wish I could enjoy this book for the first time all over again!

The Christmas Guest
by Peter Swanson
Date Started
16th September 2023
Date Finished
16th September 2023