The Child - Fiona Barton

The child

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Official Blurb:

When a paragraph in an evening newspaper reveals a decades-old tragedy, most readers barely give it a glance. But for three strangers it’s impossible to ignore.
For one woman, it’s a reminder of the worst thing that ever happened to her.
For another, it reveals the dangerous possibility that her darkest secret is about to be discovered.
And for the third, a journalist, it’s the first clue in a hunt to uncover the truth.
The Child’s story will be told.

My Thoughts:

This was an excellent book, not a thriller like I was expecting; it just had a little suspense. The timeline of everything that was being discussed in the past was a bit confusing, but I think that may have been intentional. If not, then I was just not following it all, but it certainly didn’t ruin anything!
It took me a while to stop getting two of the women mixed up; it was only when they had contacted Kate, the journalist, that I got them fixed in my head. Again, maybe that was supposed to happen? As you weren’t really supposed to know who was who and you weren’t to know who the baby was or what had happened to the women until the story progressed!
I didn’t see the big twist coming as I wasn’t expecting a twist, so that was good.
Overall a pleasant read, and I would have read it faster if I hadn’t had to go into hospital for an op as it held enough mystery to want to keep reading to find out the answers!

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The Child
by Fiona Barton
Date Started
26th June 2018
Date Finished
30th June 2018
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