The Barefoot Summer - Carolyn Brown

The barefoot summer

Reading Challenge Category: Kindle Unlimited.

Official Blurb:

Leaving one widow behind is unfortunate. Leaving three widows behind is just plain despicable. Oil heiress Kate Steele knew her not-so-dearly departed husband was a con man, but she’s shocked that Conrad racked up two more wives without divorcing her first. The only remnant of their miserable marriage she plans to keep is their lakeside cabin in Bootleg, Texas. Unfortunately, she’s not the only woman with that idea.
Fiery, strong-willed Jamie wishes Conrad were still alive—so she could kill the scoundrel herself. But for their daughter’s sake, she needs that property. As does Amanda—twenty-eight, pregnant, and still weeping over the loss of her true love. On a broiling July day, all three arrive in Bootleg…with a dogged detective right behind who’s convinced that at least one of them conspired to commit murder. One momentous summer filled with revelations, quirky neighbors, and barefoot evenings on the porch offers three women the chance to make the journey from enemies to friends, and claim a bright, new beginning.

My Thoughts:

Hmmmm well this book just went downhill the more and more I read it. It started off really well, and if I’d have rated it at the beginning it would have received four stars but as it progressed it went down to three and ended up with just one.
It was like it didn’t know what the book wanted to be, was it a crime book or a contemporary fiction book? I was getting frustrated with the crime aspect as we weren’t part of the investigation and it was just so lacklustre with the detective saying they were the prime suspects but not giving the readers any real reason as to what he was doing to solve the murder and absolve them of it.
While the ‘crime-fighting’ was going on in the background that we the readers were not privy to the book just plodded on with not a lot happening other than the wives sort of healing after the death of Conrad. However, seeing as one of them wasn’t even bothered about him, it was all very forced. Even the writing style was laboured and awkward. When the characters spoke, they would speak in full; none contracted words. For example, ‘do not’ rather than ‘don’t’ or ‘we will’ instead of ‘we’ll’. It was very stilted and hard to read because of this.
It was also hard to keep up with which character’s ‘head’ we were inside as there was no clear indication. Usually, when an author chops and changes between characters it is clearly defined with the name at the beginning of the section but throughout this book, it just chopped and changed, and you were expected to keep up throughout a chapter.
This was such a hard read, and the percentage bar was just moving so slowly so I was so glad when I finally reached the end and certainly won’t be reading any more of this author’s books!

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The Barefoot Summer
by Carolyn Brown
Date Started
10th October 2018
Date Finished
14th October 2018
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