The Bad Place - M.K. Hill

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Official Blurb:

The newspapers called it The Bad Place. A remote farm out on the Thames estuary, where six children were held captive for two weeks. Five of them got out alive.
That was twenty years ago. Now adults, they meet up annually to hold a vigil for their friend who died. The only rule is that no-one can talk about what happened the night they escaped. But at this year's event, one of them witnesses a kidnapping. A young girl, Sammi, is bundled into a van in front of their eyes.
DI Sasha Dawson, of Essex Police, is certain that the key to finding Sammi lies in finding out the truth about The Bad Place. But she also knows that with every second she spends trying to unlock the past, the clock ticks down for the missing girl...
Is history repeating itself? Is one of the five responsible? Or is someone sending them a twisted message?

My Thoughts:

This is quite an interesting read. Unfortunately, I read this on the back of reading a superb crime fiction novel. So, this one paled in comparison. The dynamics of the police detectives were just a little bit off. I know we are only just getting to know Sasha Dawson, and there will be more books of her, so therefore getting to know her personally was important. I did feel at times, though, that the personal side of her story made her less competent at her job.
I did enjoy finding out slowly what had happened in the bad place. The ‘then’ chapters are very few and far between, so this keeps you wanting to read so you can find out more about what happened.
The ending was quite good, I did expect a little bit more of a mystery to be revealed, but it was satisfying enough. I think when I’m done with the other crime series that I am reading, I will come back and read more of Sasha Dawson to see if she blossoms into her role.
Still a good four-star read, though.

The Bad Place
by M.K. Hill
Date Started
5th December 2021
Date Finished
8th December 2021