Temptation Street - Shari Low

Temptation street

Reading Challenge Category: A book that will make you laugh and cry

Official Blurb:

Have you ever taken a wrong turn into Temptation Street...?
Suze has a niggling feeling that her husband Karl's marital sat-nav has taken a wrong turn and led him down the road to temptation. What's a suspicious wife to do?
Mel knows that her sweet, docile husband Joe would never, ever cheat. But when Suze, her sister-in-law, hires a honeytrap to test Karl, the results blow Mel's world apart.
Mel, Joe, Suze, Karl. They're family. They're friends. And they're about to discover whether or not they can navigate those other f-words - fidelity and forgiveness.
Or is relationship misbehaviour much more fun when it's a two-way street?

My Thoughts:

This is definitely a laugh and cry book! It was a good choice for this category of my reading challenge. So many crazy things happen that you sit there thinking “oh my God how is that even possible, that’s hilarious”. At the same time, throughout the entire book, there is this sense of sadness because what the girls are discovering!
It was beautifully and cleverly written by Low (I don’t think I’ve read a bad book by her yet), she certainly knows how to go straight for the feels!
I wasn’t too keen on the twist at the end, for one I didn’t see it coming, and two it just seemed slightly disjointed compared to the rest of the story. It didn’t ring true, and it was hard to get my head around!
Once I accepted this, it ended very well and didn’t leave me with any bad feelings. Overall a brilliant book and I’m looking forward to reading another of hers already!

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Temptation Street
by Shari Low
Date Started
5th March 2019
Date Finished
7th March 2019
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