Tell Me Lies - Teresa Driscoll

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Official Blurb:

After a betrayal that sent their marriage into freefall, Hannah and Sam are desperate for a fresh start with their eight-year-old daughter Lily—and where better than picture-perfect Owl Cottage in beautiful Cornwall. But something about the holiday home stirs dark memories for Hannah… When she finds dead creatures on the doorstep and hears mysterious knocks at the door, Hannah can’t help wondering whether someone is messing with her—or whether the past she’s been running from has finally claimed her sanity.
As the disturbing events at Owl Cottage seep out into the local community and the police become involved, Hannah turns to Sam for help, but when he dismisses her worries, she wonders if she was wrong to ever trust him. Are the memories making her paranoid, or is this something more sinister than she dares imagine?

My Thoughts:

As someone who enjoys a good thriller, I found "Tell Me Lies" by Teresa Driscoll to be a slow burn that eventually caught fire. The story was gripping in a subtle way, compelling me to keep reading to find out what would happen next. The protagonist, Hannah, is a morose character with a troubled past that seems to haunt her every move. However, I couldn't help but feel that her past wasn't traumatic enough to warrant her behaviour in the present. It felt like it had been blown out of proportion by those around her.
One aspect of the book that I enjoyed was how it was written in the second person as if Lucy was telling her story directly to her husband. This added an extra layer of intimacy to the story, making it feel like I was right there in the room with her.
The ending was a shocking and exciting twist that I didn't see coming. It was a satisfying conclusion to the story and left me feeling both surprised and satisfied. Overall, "Tell Me Lies" was a gripping and well-written thriller that kept me engaged until the very end.

Tell Me Lies
by Teresa Driscoll
Date Started
5th April 2023
Date Finished
7th April 2023