Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe - Debbie Johnson

Sunshine at the comfort food cafe

Reading Challenge Category: a book by a favourite author

Official Book Blurb:

My name is Willow Longville. I live in a village called Budbury on the stunning Dorset coast with my mum Lynnie, who sometimes forgets who I am. I’m a waitress at the Comfort Food Café, which is really so much more than a café … it’s my home.
For Willow, the ramshackle café overlooking the beach, together with its warm-hearted community, offers friendship as a daily special and always has a hearty welcome on the
menu. But when a handsome stranger blows in on a warm
spring breeze, Willow soon realises that her quiet country life will be changed forever.

My Thoughts:

I didn’t give this book the justice it deserved as my mind was preoccupied with the house move that is currently happening in my life, so it has taken me ages to read.
My mind just couldn’t latch onto Willow’s erratic thoughts at the beginning of the book as my thoughts were so erratic at the time as well! Once I did manage to find some headspace to sit down and properly read this book, I loved her randomness of thought process and her crazy ways, and it gave me plenty of much-needed laugh out loud moments!
Her struggle to find the space in her life for Tom is heartbreaking as all she wants is the best for her mum, but Edie was right her mum wouldn’t want her to miss out on her own life either. I know I am writing as if these people are real. I think now that this is the 4th book in the series they feel like they are real people who exist down in Dorset!
I loved this book as much as I loved the first three and I hope we get to revisit them all soon (I think the author has mentioned the inclusion of a cat in a future book!!!)

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Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe
by Debbie Johnson
Date Started
8th March 2018
Date Finished
19th March 2018
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