Spring Break Left Behind - Olivia Hawthorne

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Official Blurb:

Amelia Winston: I needed a get away.
As an Art History PhD student, my life was nothing but boring books, research, writing and kissing up to my advisor.
When she asked me to stay behind over Spring Break to do some work for her, how could I say no? Little did I know I would be working with the most annoying, hottest man I’d ever met.
Barrett Whitaker was an enigma with a monster...you know what, an intellect with a bad boy side, and a man who could mess up my life and derail my future.
Would he ever believe our love was worth fighting for?
Or would he leave me broken hearted and regretting my decisions?

My Thoughts:

I was a little disappointed with this book. It felt as if it had already been written, and then the Spring Break collaboration came up, so the author tacked this theme on to fit in! It didn’t feel very Spring Breaky! Amelia missing out on Spring Break was only briefly mentioned, and the rest of the book could have been set at any time of year or during any school break. It had nothing to do with Spring Break, which as I understand it is people going away and going wild? (I’m not American so only going on what I have seen on TV).
I felt, also, because of the beauty and the beast thing the characters had going on, it was a different story! The book should have been called The Beast or some play on words to do with The Beauty and the Beast!
However, as a stand-alone story and forgetting the Spring Break thing, it was an enjoyable read. You could feel the chemistry between Amelia and Barrett when he scooped her up and carried up the stairs swoon!
I was expecting it to end a little more lighthearted than it did, but it didn’t end badly, there was a happy ever after. I just thought with them not really wanting to commit it would end in a more laid back manner.
Overall, not a bad read just a little confusing being in the Spring Break collaboration but not really being about Spring Break.

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Spring Break Left Behind
by Olivia Hawthorne
Date Started
3rd April 2019
Date Finished
3rd April 2019
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