Single - K.L. Slater

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Official Blurb:

‘I keep feeling like I’m being watched – dropping the boys off at school, choosing wine at the supermarket – but when I turn around there’s nobody there…’
When single mother Darcy’s son falls from a rope bridge at a local playground, life stands still. She clutches his small, limp body, frozen, until a pair of strong hands push her aside, and she watches as George, a local doctor, saves her son’s life.
George is a single parent too, and with his twinkling hazel eyes, easy charm, and lack of wedding band is almost too good to be true, but coffee becomes lunch, lunch becomes dinner, and soon they can’t go an evening without seeing each other. When he invites her to move into his beautiful home with its sprawling garden for her boys, Darcy doesn’t hesitate.
But as Darcy is settling in, she receives a bunch of flowers with a chilling message. George says they’re from an obsessed ex-girlfriend, Opal, and days later Opal turns up at Darcy’s son’s football match. She claims to have shocking information that could threaten George’s custody of his daughter.
Darcy doesn’t know who to trust, but she’s starting to suspect that, whatever the truth, she might have put her beloved boys into terrible danger…

My Thoughts:

Wow, wow, wow! This completely gripped me right from the start and didn’t let go until I finished it in the early hours of this morning. I should know by now to expect bleary eyes the day after reading a K.L. Slater book. She thrashes you around the head with so many twists, turns and secrets that you have no choice but to keep reading as quickly as you can regardless of the time of night!
We immediately meet Darcy, who is obviously having some kind of breakdown after the death of her husband. The events that unfold have you doubting everyone and everything. Nothing is as it seems, but who can you trust? As the story develops, you see Darcy start to put her life back together and meet a new man, esteemed doctor, George. They have a lot in common and have a whirlwind romance. She seems to be getting her life back on track finally, but her ex’s family have other ideas.
I didn’t see any of the twists or surprises coming, and I knew I’d have to wait for the end for everything to be pieced together and to get all the answers. I was totally side-swiped and shocked by everything that was happening. The author certainly kept everything close to her chest and didn’t reveal anything until she was ready. This formula had me on the edge of my seat reading it; I didn’t know what direction any of it was going to go in, and I loved how it did end.
The main character, Darcy, was brilliantly written, you really warm to her straight away and want everything to work out for the best. After everything she has been through, she deserves happiness, but before she can get there, she had to navigate through some not so pleasant characters first. Nothing is as it seems, and the story was perfectly executed.
This is a perfect Psychological Thriller, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A solid five-star read!

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by K.L. Slater
Date Started
26th October 2019
Date Finished
28th October 2019
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