Resolution: G-String - Olivia Hawthorne

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Official Blurb:

Chloe Kingston: I just wanted to learn how to play the guitar.
Spurred on my one of my Mi Alpha Alpha sorority sisters New Year, New You texts, I decided to take music lessons.
Who knew I’d end up learning to play from the biggest player around, the god of indie rock…Gavin Pierce himself?
I vowed to finish the lessons I’d already paid for and never see him again.
I vowed I wouldn’t be like the throngs of screaming women lining up to spent just a night in his arms.
I vowed I wouldn’t be like every other woman in America, lusting after him so hard it made you stupid.
But I broke that vow, and now there’s no going back.
Gavin Pierce: Rock god, that’s what they called me.
And I was, I was all those things and more.
But I was also tired of the lifestyle, tired of partying and touring.
So when my best friend need a favor, I stepped up just for a little break and to give his struggling music store some much needed publicity.
Little did I know I would meet the woman of my dreams, the only one who would be able to save me from myself.
How did I convince her that our one night could become a lifetime together, especially when I didn’t know how to find her again?

My Thoughts:

Ok, I’ll get this out of the way, to begin with, the typos! It is a pet peeve of mine when there are this many in a book! There were just so many; I’d be still stumbling over one when I’d falter over another in the next sentence. There were just too many for such a good author, and it ruined the book and the reading experience. So I have rated (star wise) the book accordingly, as I know this book was released over a year ago and should have been through its proofreading and copyediting stages.
Right, now that’s out of the way, onto the story! This wasn’t Olivia Hawthorne’s best story, it was ok, but it didn’t have her usual spark.
It was great that it was longer than most of the other Resolution books that I have read (in fact this is the last of the collaboration for me to read, and I think it is the longest). So you do feel as if you are getting Chloe and Gavin’s full story. I liked the drama with the paparazzi. It all fitted in well with the story and wasn’t rammed in there for the sake of it. It did all work, and all felt very realistic, especially everything that happened with Chloe’s university. I can imagine that happening as universities can be quite stuffy.
The characters were likeable and well written.
I just felt, overall, that something was missing. The chemistry between the characters, maybe? I can’t quite put my finger on it!
It wasn’t a terrible read, like I say it was ok, just nothing special and the typos certainly didn’t help.

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Resolution: G-String
by Olivia Hawthorne
Date Started
7th January 2020
Date Finished
7th January 2020
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