Paine - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

She was my best friend. The person I told my deepest secrets to. But when my world came crashing down, it was all because of her family.
From that moment, I realized I’d been wrong to trust her. Her big caring eyes and sweet face were nothing but an act as she’d watched on while I tried to keep my head above water.
That was our past.
Now, I’ve largely put Camila behind me and moved on with my life. Though it doesn’t explain why she’s always there: taunting me, tempting me, showing me the life I could have been living.
I should have been laughing when her own world turned upside down. Karma always wins out in the end. But suddenly we’re forced together once again and I have no choice but to remember the girl I’ve tried so hard to forget.

My Thoughts:

So before writing this review, I’ve just re-read my review for ‘Thorn’, and I ended it saying I thought that this book would be better and I was really looking forward to it. I also said I hadn’t warmed to Jake and didn’t like him at all.
Well, I can certainly say I did prefer this book as a whole, but I’m not sure I preferred Mason as a character in the end. I did, however, think Jake softened a little in this book. He didn’t seem so thug-like. This made him much more relatable and likeable.
Mason, however, I wasn’t sure what there was to like. I’m not sure if it was the book cover that wasn’t helping me as he just isn’t my type (sorry real model bloke!). I’m not into floppy-haired guys and certainly not scowlful ones. Mason was just so angry at the whole world. I know we find out why, but it was hard to get on board with him at first as we don’t initially know what has happened to make him like this. We are drip-fed the reasons, so it takes time to discover the fuel for his anger. Even when we do know I’m not sure this really excuses his treatment of Camila over the past four years.
Camilla is a breath of fresh air in comparison to Mason; she doesn’t let things get to her as much, but she does still have the right amount of teenage angst. In fact, I think Tracy manages to write the characters perfectly hormonally. You never forget that they are only eighteen. Everything they have to deal with (Mason’s family issues aside) is all very well written and are in keeping with their ages.
So much happens in the book that you are gripped the entire way through and are left guessing as to what could happen at every turn. You are also given small tidbits and teasers into what is coming next for Ethan Savage! He is currently a complete mess and definitely needs a good woman to sort him out!
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, and I loved how the book developed, and the characters evolved throughout the story. The story as a whole made more sense than the first book which is why I enjoyed it so much more, and it was great that all of the characters are still playing a role so you could see how Jake and Amalie are getting on. A fantastic, gritty and slightly dark love story.

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by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
13th February 2020
Date Finished
16th February 2020
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