Our Kind of Cruelty - Araminta Hall

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Official Blurb:

Mike and Verity have a special game. The Crave.
They play it to prove what they already know: that Verity loves Mike. That she needs Mike.
Even though she’s marrying another man.
Now Mike knows that the stakes of their private game are rising.
This time, someone has to die…

My Thoughts:

Wow, this book was so gripping.
When I first started reading, I thought the style of writing was peculiar. It felt very much like we were just getting one side of the story. I was waiting for it to switch over, but it never does. After reading the author’s note at the end, her intention was for us to be left unsure who was telling the truth as we have only really had one side of the story. I soon got used to the style and settled in very quickly. The final chapter does start to give other people’s points of view, but they couldn’t necessarily be relied on as they were given in court. Anyone would twist the truth to stay out of prison, so who could we believe? Even the witnesses were left in some doubt as their account of events were different from what Mike had been telling us all along. However, even he couldn’t be entirely believed due to the fabrication he built up in his mind and to others.
We know right from the beginning there can’t be a truly happy ever after as Mike is already in prison (within the first few pages), so all we can hope for is the story to unfold and to tell us how it got to that point. The blurb says that ‘someone has to die…’; however, it isn’t obvious who that someone is from reading Mike’s retelling of what has happened. This really adds to the suspense of the story.
Mike’s story is extremely disturbing; he misinterprets things that are said or written and twists it to what he wants to hear. The number of times I shouted at the book that he was delusional was ridiculous!
This was brilliantly written, and I read it so fast as I needed to know what had happened and did Verity really love Mike? Was everything he was telling us in his account really what was happening? This is the first book by Araminta Hall that I have read and I will certainly be adding her backlist to my TBR!

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our Kind of Cruelty
by Araminta Hall
Date Started
1st May 2019
Date Finished
1st May 2019
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