One Snowy Eve - Alexx Andria

Reading Challenge Category: Christmas Book

Official Blurb:

Oliver Thorne, a small-town detective in Snowdon, Massachusetts, is about as bah-humbug as one can get about the Christmas season.
His life is going nowhere until he meets Harmony Bishop, a quirky, irritatingly perky businesswoman with a passion for all things Kris Kringle and an obsession with Hallmark movies. Oliver takes an instant disliking to Harmony but when Harmony’s shop is ransacked and her livelihood threatened, Oliver takes the case. Harmony is all about sugar cookies, popcorn garland and hot cocoa; Oliver is hard-headed, bitter and broken inside. The sparks fly when these polar opposites are thrown together. Will Oliver solve the case and wash his hands of Harmony or will Harmony help him rediscover his lost Christmas spirit through the healing power of love? One Snowy Eve might just change everything…

My Thoughts:

This was such a gritty yet homely story, and even though the bones of the story is quite dark, it is set amongst Christmas lightness.
Harmony has moved to Snowdon to escape her past and to start fresh. However, when her Christmas shop is broken into, she is worried her past is catching up with her. The silver lining, though is Oliver, the handsome detective.
They are both suffering past heartache and devastating pasts, but can they overcome them to trust and find love once more?
This was such a lovely story that had a really well-developed storyline, and the characters were really likeable.
I was reading the epilogue and thinking “yes, this is a different ending, finally not a cliche”, but then she went and said “put a baby inside of me”, and it ruined everything! So, unfortunately, this went from a five-star to a four-star read. Happy Ever Afters don’t always have to be about babies!

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One Snowy Eve
by Alexx Andria
Date Started
5th December 2019
Date Finished
5th December 2019
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