One Moment in Time - Shari Low

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Official Blurb:

Sometimes the best surprises reveal the most shocking secrets.
After three decades of marriage, Brenda Jones has decided to leave her husband, just as soon as they both return from a mystery trip with their daughter Zara. But she has no idea that Zara is flying them to Las Vegas to renew their vows.
Zara Jones has recreated almost every detail of her parent’s original wedding - now her only challenge is tracking down the two friends who were pictured with her mum and dad back in 1993.
Aiden Gregg is dealing with his own relationship woes when he receives an unexpected message from a complete stranger. WIth the help of Facebook, Zara has tracked him down and is asking if his parents are the other couple in the old photo? And if so, could he bring them to Vegas for a surprise reunion?
What Zara and Aiden don’t know is that thirty years ago, One Moment In Time changed everything.
Will rewinding the clock right the wrongs of the past?
Or are they all counting down to a rendezvous with disaster?

My Thoughts:

As an avid reader of Shari Low's books, I was eager to dive into "One Moment in Time." However, I found myself disappointed by this particular novel. While Low's signature heartwarming style was present, the humour felt strained and inauthentic.
One of the main characters, Brenda, was not particularly likeable, making it difficult to fully invest in her story. Conversely, Eileen's actions made her an unlikely character to root for, yet her likability shone through nonetheless.
Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed the budding romance between Zara and Aidan. However, their storyline felt rushed towards the end, leaving me feeling unsatisfied.
Overall, "One Moment in Time" was a decent read, but it lacked the magic that I've come to expect from Low's novels. While still heartwarming, the forced humour and unlikeable main character prevented me from thoroughly enjoying this book.

One Moment in Time
by Shari Low
Date Started
9th April 2023
Date Finished
11th April 2023