One Good Lie - Jane Isaac

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Official Blurb:

Her sister’s boyfriend. Her worst nightmare.
On the night of her mother’s wake, Ewan kisses a shocked Ruby. They both agree to pretend that the kiss never happened – in fact, according to Ewan, no one even needs to know he walked Ruby home.
Because Ewan is seeing Ruby’s sister, Sophie. He’s been wonderful to Sophie, comforting her after her mother’s murder and taking care of her little kids, too. In short, he’s been the perfect boyfriend. This was just a stupid mistake.
But when Ruby learns of another woman's murder close to Ewan’s route home on the night of the kiss, she fears that her lie has left her sister in terrible danger.
After all, how well do the sisters really know Ewan? How well do they know each other? And are they sure they know the truth about what really happened on the day their mother died?

My Thoughts:

This was captivating right from the start; you are thrown right into the midst of the story and gripped straight away.
As other reviewers have said, the story is quite a slow burn, but it is worth persevering with as it is full of twists and turns and has a fantastic ending. There are many red herrings along the way, and it is tough to guess which direction the story will end up in and who is behind all the madness.
I can’t say the characters were very likeable, especially the two sisters. Ruby was very abrupt with everyone, and her relationships with friends didn’t go two ways. She was all about getting favours and talking about herself; she was very self-involved. Sophie was just annoying, not listening to anything Ruby tried to say and putting her blind faith in someone she had only known a year.
Other than the bad character development, this was a thrilling read. You honestly don’t know who the bad guy could be, but you do suspect everyone. I thought it had the perfect recipe for a Psychological Thriller.
Overall a great read, and from what other reviewers have said about this author’s crime books being even better, I will have to go and hunt down her back catalogue.

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One Good Lie
by Jane Isaac
Date Started
20th may 2021
Date Finished
22nd May 2021
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