One Christmas Eve - Shari Low

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Official Blurb:

Three women, three decades, three Christmas Eve moments that change their lives forever...
On Christmas Eve, 1968, Cathy McLean receives a surprise visit from the lost love of her life and is forced to choose between the one that got away and the one that stayed.
On Christmas Eve, 1993, Cathy’s daughter Helena is overjoyed to hear that her boyfriend is about to propose, until a devastating encounter threatens to bring her heartbreak instead of diamonds.
On Christmas Eve 2023, a shocking discovery rocks Eve Quinn’s world. The only gift Eve wants this year is the truth. But will it take a Christmas miracle to unravel generations of secrets?
Unwrap this festive tale of complicated families, impossible choices, and an unforgettable love that lasts three lifetimes.

My Thoughts:

Well, I must say that "One Christmas Eve" left me with rather mixed feelings. While it certainly wasn't a disappointment, it didn't quite measure up to the standard set by some of Shari Low's previous works. The alternating chapters between the past and the present added an intriguing dynamic to the narrative, though I found myself more captivated by the historical aspects than the contemporary ones. The gradual revelation of past events certainly piqued my interest and added depth to the storyline.
However, when it came to the much-anticipated reunions, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of dissatisfaction. In this instance, the sparks that usually fly off the pages in a Shari Low novel seemed a tad lacklustre. Perhaps my expectations were set too high, but I missed that signature energy that I've come to associate with this author's characters.
Undoubtedly, the festive spirit was woven masterfully throughout the narrative. Still, I must admit that picking up a Christmassy tale in the middle of August wasn't the wisest of choices on my part. My seasonal timing aside, I've noticed a recurring pattern in Shari Low's older characters – they all seem to possess that same quirky personality that's become a hallmark of her writing. However, I can't help but yearn for a touch more diversity in characterisation, something beyond the familiar 'eccentric yet endearing' archetype.
All said and done, "One Christmas Eve" did provide a light-hearted and enjoyable read. It had moments of charm and wit but didn't quite surpass my expectations. It's true that the narrative fell short of some of the author's more impactful pieces. Nonetheless, as a dedicated reader of Shari Low's works, my expectations might have been set unrealistically high. So, if you're seeking a cosy, Christmassy read, this book could be a delightful choice. Just don't expect it to be an instant classic among the author's repertoire.

One Christmas Eve
by Shari Low
Date Started
17th August 2023
Date Finished
20th August 2023