Never Forget Us - Tracy Lorraine

Never forget us

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Official Blub:

I thought I’d found my forever.
I believed he’d come back to me and we’d have our happily ever after.
He didn’t.
Instead, he left me with a lifeline and a reason to keep going.
I’ll never forget us, what we had, even if it was only for a short time.

My Thoughts:

This book had such a different feel to it than the first; it felt so much more grown-up!
I was dying to know what had happened to Jay, why hadn’t he kept his promised rendezvous?
I hate wasted time that can’t be recaptured and the fact five years had been lost (even though it only felt like an hour to me as I had moved on to book two so fast) was frustrating. Especially when they wouldn’t communicate with one another. He wouldn’t tell her what had happened and she wouldn’t tell him how sad and heartbroken she was. I wanted to bang their heads together.
Once everything was sorted out, it was happy ever after.
It was an excellent read, and I really enjoyed Erin and Jay’s journey, and I’m glad they found each other again in the end.
I realise there is going to be a book three and I am in a little inner turmoil because as much as I would love to enter their world again I know that to keep readers interested a writer needs to give a story its ups and downs. I’m not sure I want to know of Erin and Jay’s downs as I’d like to stay in ignorant bliss that they really do live ‘happily ever after’ after book two. Hmmmmm I will see how I feel in July when book three comes out as the pull to read more about them might win me over, I am a gluten for punishment!

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Never Forget Us
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
7th May 2018
Date Finished
8th May 2018
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