Naughty Sleigh Ride - Fiona Starr

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Official Blurb:

All Aboard! This ride’s going down.
Amelia’s got her heart set on the ranch next to her family’s ski resort. It’s the perfect gift to herself, something to call her very own.
Damon’s home to help his parents shut down their ranch and retire to the desert. While he’s here he’s managing the horses for the mountain sleigh ride tours.
When fate throws them together, sexy sparks fly sky high.
Little do they know they are each other’s perfect Christmas present.
Come along for the ride… it’s naughty and nice, with a little spice!

My Thoughts:

This was great for me to be reading the beginning of the Blaze family story. Getting to visit their resort and ranch and meeting Amelia. I was learning the roots to stories I have read that come after this one.
There isn’t much of a preamble to this story; we get down to the naughty scenes quite early on. However, with it only being 42 pages long, there isn’t a lot of time to mess around with. We do get backstories for both Amelia and Damon and learn why they are both in the same place at the right time.
There is certainly chemistry between the two as soon as they meet, and this doesn’t wane as the story develops. There is a little bit of drama, which makes the story feel longer than it is, as you start to feel invested in the characters.
Seeing as it was part of a Christmas collaboration with the Flirt Club, I didn’t find it very Christmassy other than it being set in the snowy ski mountains. This didn’t stop it being an enjoyable read and was probably for the best seeing as I read it in August!
A really pleasant and delightful short read.

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Naughty Sleigh Ride
by Fiona Starr
Date Started
1st August 2019
Date Finished
1st August 2019
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