Mr Slate - Tessa Blake

Mr slate

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Official Blurb:

I’m not generally about one-night stands, but that changes—fast—when I meet Sunny. The minute I lay eyes on her, I have to have her.
But then she turns up in my office the next day … and she’s not who I thought she was at all.
She hates everything I stand for, and I can’t change who I am. Will that one night together really be the only time we have? Or can I change her mind about me?
I didn’t come to New York for a boyfriend. I came for a purpose: to change the world. And Slate Garrett is not part of that. He can’t be—because he’s the exact thing I came here to fight.
Too bad I don’t know that when I meet him at a club one night and let him have his way with me on a deserted rooftop. Now we’re on opposite sides of a battle I refuse to lose.
And I’m not going to lose my heart, either.

My Thoughts:

This was the final book for me to read of the Billionaire series by the Flirt Club. I do love reading about a little indulgence!
This is really different as it is a prequel to one of Tessa Blake’s later stories. So it is set in the ’80s and has a really sophisticated and historical feel to it. It is so easy to forget that mobile phones and the internet weren’t around back then! I kept wondering how Sunny didn’t know who Slate was. These days you’d Google someone, and a picture would most likely come up, especially of a billionaire!
The 80s gave this book an innocence, the theme was upheld throughout, and it was very cleverly written and well-developed.
Sunny and Slate made a really unusual couple, but they do say opposites attract! Sunny is a free spirit and following in the hippy ways of her parents, and Slate is a suit-wearing businessman. It shouldn’t work, but it does!
Overall, an interesting and fun story. I’m tempted to look up the other books in this series now!

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Mr Slate
by Tessa Blake
Date Started
2nd October 2019
Date Finished
2nd October 2019
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