Mr Platinum - Fiona Starr

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Official Blurb:

All the money in the world can’t fix a broken heart.
It should be smooth sailing as I take my company public. We’ve been planning this for years; everything is in place—with one exception: Me.
Enter Nina Blaze. She’s a PR consultant, fixer for the rich and stupid, and I definitely fit the bill.
All I wanted was someone to help me tamp down the fire of my wicked temper. I never expected her to light a blaze of desire in my heart—and everywhere else—that no amount of fixing could quench.

My Thoughts:

This is a fast-paced short story as part of the Billionaire series by The Flirt Club.
In this novella we meet Nina and Montgomery, Montgomery owns a company that makes revolutionising brain equipment and has a tragic past that spurs him on. Nina has been brought on to help with his PR as he is a bit of a nightmare with loose lips!
Their relationship escalates very quickly and is a bit of a head-swivelling occurrence. However, it’s not all plain sailing, and a massive misunderstanding threatens to rock the budding romance. Montgomery moves heaven and earth to make things right, but is he too late?
This was a fun, quick read, and I enjoyed it. For a short story, it was well-developed with good background stories for the characters. The characters were also likeable, which is so important! Overall a good read for this Billionaire collaboration.

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Mr Platinum
by Fiona Starr
Date Started
29th March 2019
Date Finished
29th March 2019
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