Man-Berry Sauce - Tessa Blake

Man berry sauce

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Official Blurb:

She's giving thanks that they're not together anymore ... or is she?
Caleb Wells and I are history. Ancient history.
Sure, I've loved him since I was a kid, and we were high-school sweethearts. Whatever. He dumped me with no warning months ago, and I am completely over it—and him.
But breaking up with Caleb doesn't mean I broke up with his family. I've known them my whole life, and when they invite me for Thanksgiving, I know this is one of the few days of the year I won't be able to avoid Caleb. I should say no, but they're my family, too, damn it.
I'll eat some turkey and pie, be civil to my ex, and hightail it home for some wine and Netflix—and maybe a good cry in a hot bath.
I can do this.
How hard can it possibly be?

My Thoughts:

This is the first in a trilogy of short stories following Jen and Caleb.
Jen is having to put on a brave face this Thanksgiving as her ex is coming to dinner. She’s being really strong until the moment he walks through the door, and she realises she’s about to crumble. Caleb split up with Jen a couple of months ago, and at first, I don’t think we are going to find out what happened. However, we do, and it’s a very emotional scene. You can really feel the emotions coming off the pages. I hardly knew the characters, but I felt like crying on Jen’s behalf.
Men can be silly and so prideful, and this is evident in the explanation Caleb gives her. However, once Jen has slapped him around the head a few times (figuratively), will we get the happy ever after for this couple that we are now longing for?
This was a charming and sweet read and you really warm to this adorable couple. I am looking forward to reading the next two books in the series.

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Man-Berry Sauce
by Tessa Blake
Date Started
1st October 2019
Date Finished
1st October 2019
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