Making New Friends - Jack Fremont

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Official Blurb:

Do you ever wish that you had more close friends? Are you unsure about where to go to meet new people? Do you ever feel like you aren’t good at starting conversations? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t worry—you are not alone.
This guide is filled with tips, tricks, and positive encouragement to assist those who may struggle with meeting new people and forming new friendships. From finding activities catered to your specific interests, to describing the most sought after personality traits people are looking for, Making New Friends discusses every topic that a person needs to make new friends and keep those friendships going.

My Thoughts:

This is a quick, fast-paced guide on how to make new friends. It is only 25 pages long, so won’t take long out of your busy day to have a quick read if this is something you struggle with.
I’m always thinking to myself I need new friends. I moved to the area 13 years ago, and even though I’ve met a few people, I don’t have a large, close-knit circle that I can call upon. So when I came across this book on Booksprout, I thought I’d give it a go.
I did find the book as a whole a little condescending as if I didn’t have any common sense. Where it is telling you how to groom to make yourself presentable to the public; I felt as if he was talking to a recluse who would go out of the house in their pyjamas with unwashed hair. I may not have many friends, but I am certainly well-groomed and take a lot of pride in my appearance, so I found this section very insulting.
His advice is very simple and straightforward, but a lot of it comes down to common sense and so not that helpful. Additionally, even though his ideas are simple, they wouldn’t be sustainable in a real-life situation. “Do you come here often?” this is a terrible cliched chat-up line, and I’d never dream of saying it to another woman in the hopes of making friends. She’d immediately think I was hitting on her.
I have chatted a lot in coffee shop queues, and other various places that queuing is required, and I can honestly say once I have completed the task I am queuing for I would never expect to speak to the person next to me ever again. We move on and get on with our lives. Yet if I were to ask them for their social media handle or number, it would look as if I were hitting on them.
Going to a residential home and chatting with the old folk, yes will eliminate your loneliness but it isn’t going to introduce you to your bestie that you can go shopping with and have fun nights out.
I think the best suggestion was to go back to school, at least then you are in an environment where you have the chance to see the same people week in week out and can get chatting over a mutual interest.
It was a curious book to read but didn’t garner any new suggestions that I haven’t ever thought of myself. It made for an interesting half-hour read. There are some nuggets of useful advice, and a few tidbits will probably pop into my head when I’m out and about, or next time I’m chatting to a complete stranger.

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Making New Friends
by Jack Fremont
Date Started
14th November 2019
Date Finished
14th November 2019
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