Love at First Date - Susan Hatler

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Official Blurb:

Ellen’s figured out that finding the right guy is all about compatibility. That’s why she signs up for Detailed Dating—the local online dating scene in Sacramento. They ask men the hard questions, compare their answers with hers, then she filters through the profiles of each provided “match.” After numerous email exchanges, she narrows it down to two promising candidates she’s excited to meet in person.
When Ellen’s best friend asks her for a favor, dog-sitting leads to disaster and Ellen ends up at the local vet where she meets a man she can’t get out of her mind. Henry isn’t a logical choice, but she finds herself paying for dog obedience class to spend more time with him.
Ellen knows that in order to have a lasting relationship, she should take the safe route and go for one of the pre-screened guys. But, how can she think with her head when her heart keeps begging her to give Henry a chance?

My Thoughts:

This was a surprisingly fun, well-written and lighthearted romantic comedy.
Ellen is convinced that the only way to meet a man is for him to fit a list of compatibility criteria. Falling in love on a whim and without knowing knowing anything about the person is crazy, right? She has two ‘perfect’ dates lined up with ‘perfect’ matches, but then she meets a man that knocks her off her feet and makes her question everything she believes in. Her foolproof date seemed like such a tool, as soon as I read his email I was screaming ‘don’t go on that date!’ I liked how strong she was, though, she didn’t pander to the dates nor waste her time.
I remember having such a list when I was internet dating, my husband contacted me on one of the sites, and he didn’t match any of my criteria. However, he had just eaten Cadbury’s tasters (hardly anyone knows what they are, but they are my favourite!). That is the only reason I replied, we met fell in love, and 15 years later we are still together, married and very happy. So I could really resonate and connect with this story. We all want to meet the perfect match, but sometimes the ideal man isn’t who you expect!
It’s a really feel-good, fast-paced and pleasant read. Really glad I took a chance on this when I saw it on Booksprout.

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Love at First Date
by Susan Hatler
Date Started
27th November 2019
Date Finished
27th November 2019
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