Lost Innocence - Carter Blake

Lost innocence

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Official Blurb:

A gripping crime thriller with a killer twist.
Detective Alex Kane isn’t good at dealing with the innocent victims of crime. That is why he likes his job on the state police organized crime task force. Most of the bodies he encounters knew what they were signing up for. And when the inevitable setbacks and disappointments arise, he never feels too guilty. But Alex can’t insulate himself forever.
  When a criminal organization is engaged in human trafficking and child pornography, Alex is drawn into a disturbing and dangerous world. A world where anonymous forces exploit young women and girls with impunity. A world where any mistake Alex makes could lead to the suffering of innocents. Can Alex pull the curtains back on this dark world before a young girl is lost forever?

My Thoughts:

This has a tagline of ‘a gripping psychological thriller’ on Amazon. Well, this is neither gripping nor a psychological thriller. It is a crime fiction but not at its best!
For a short story, so much is wasted on describing the scenery and the detective going out to sea and what he wants from life. These pages would have been better spent ‘visiting’ the girls in captivity. This would have at least brought a little tension and mental torture into play. However, we don’t get any of that; we simply get a detective who very quickly jumps from one lead to the other, which brings the story to a sort-of happy ever after. Although, it ends in a cliff hanger. Is there a follow-on? If so I certainly won’t be reading it!
Not at all good, I expect from a short novella to be gripped and it to be fast-paced. This was not, and I could hardly keep my eyes open as nothing of interest really happened! Thank goodness it was a free book!

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Lost Innocence
by Carter Blake
Date Started
31st January 2019
Date Finished
31st January 2019
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