Losing the Forbidden - Tracy Lorraine

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Official Blurb:

Craving her was wrong.
Losing her was a necessity.
I'm empty, and it's all too clear what's missing. Or, rather, who. None of the women who warm my bed can fill the void in my heart.
That belongs to one person alone.
I can't stop hoping that one day we may have a second chance.
One phone call is everything I've been waiting for.
It’s time to return and claim what’s rightfully mine.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been chomping at the bit for the second instalment of Ben and Lauren’s story, but this was bittersweet. It is the second book but not the final one, which means we were never going to get our happily ever after, not yet anyway. We don’t know how it will turn out.
This part of the story picks up on BJ down in Devon, where we know him from the other Falling books. It is set six years after the first book, and we get to see the aftermath of him walking away from Lauren and breaking her heart. He has to face the past and own up to walking away. Will Lauren forgive him, or has she moved on?
This is a very emotional part to the story and left me feeling very sad especially as I had in the back of my mind the entire time that this wasn’t the end of the story and they wouldn’t be walking off into the sunset together. This made it quite hard to read, but not in a poorly written book kind of way. More of a tough going emotionally sort of way! It was very well-written that it drew these emotions out of me!
It was lovely to have cameos from Liam, Liv, Declan and Nicole that we met in previous books, I do like all these intertwining characters. I’m going to be gutted after the next book when it is over for good!
The book finished way too quickly, and I am now left drumming my fingers impatiently waiting for the final instalment.

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Losing the Forbidden
by Tracy Lorraine
Date Started
4th July 2019
Date Finished
5th July 2019
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