Lift Pass - Hunter King

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Official Blurb:

What starts out as a not-so-friendly competition on the slopes turns potentially disastrous for Olympic hopeful Pearl and the mysterious Connor, her challenger. Stranded together in sub-freezing temperature, high above the warmth of the resort below, these two will get to know each other in record time—if they don't kill each other first, that is.
Pearl arrives at Bachelor Mountain hoping for a chance to meet her idol, Olympic gold medalist Brett Carnegie. Her dream turns into a nightmare when she finds herself stuck in a ski lift gondola after the sun goes down and temperatures start to plummet.
Connor is surprised when the beautiful woman he has his eye on turns out to be a total bitch, and now the two of them are sharing thirty square feet of frigid space a hundred feet in the air.
As the thermometer plunges, will these two find a way to turn their anger into a different kind of passion and heat things up a little? And how will Pearl react when she discovers that Connor isn't the man he seems to be and is hiding a couple of BIG surprises?

My Thoughts:

This was a great addition to the new Bachelor Mountain series. It had a unique take on the situation, and I was gripped to the story wanting to know what would happen.
When Pearl wins a place on Bachelor Mountain to meet her skiing idol, she has a one-tracked mind. She wants career advice, and that is it, she isn’t interested in the hot guy giving her eyes across the room.
Connor is tagging along with his mate Brett during the competition, and Pearl grabs his attention straightaway but gets a frosty response.
When they find themselves in a perilous situation regardless of the freezing temperature, the heat between them is burning away.
I liked the build-up to the naughty scenes, and even those were different from usual due to the situation the couple were in, it made for fun reading.
The only thing that disappointed me with this book was the ending. She was so focused on her career but gave it up so quickly. The ending could have been more fitting to their personalities rather than being the generic happy ever after hat had my eyes rolling.
Apart from that, a great short read.

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Lift Pass
by Hunter King
Date Started
22nd March 2020
Date Finished
22nd March 2020
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