Let Her Be - Lisa Unger

Reading Challenge Category: Free from Prime Reading

Official Blurb:

Will, an aspiring novelist, can’t stop parsing his ex-girlfriend’s popular social media accounts for clues that her ideal new rural life with the perfect man has a dark side. After all, nobody he knows has actually seen the blissful blogger in the flesh for nearly a year. When Will draws a wary friend into his “investigation,” the real question becomes who’s truly in danger.

My Thoughts:

I was enjoying this short book up until the end. I’m not a big fan of leaving a story hanging and not getting all the answers. I like everything tied up for me; I don’t really like having to guess what the author was trying to hint at.
The book did seem, however, longer than just 71 pages long. You really feel like you get Will’s background. You get to know the characters, and a lot happens in such a few pages. I was gripped, wanting to know what they would find out about Anisa.
I thought the writing of the central part of the book to be very well done. The author navigates the aftermath of a suicide attempt delicately, and you really feel Will’s pain.
I’m not sure, however, if this author always leaves her books like this and makes you come to a conclusion on your own. For this reason, I’m not sure whether I would risk reading anything else by her.

Let Her Be
by Lisa Unger
Date Started
28th April 2022
Date Finished
29th April 2022