Last of the Summer Moët - Wendy Holden

Last of the summer moet

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Official Blurb:

Laura Lake, editor of glossy magazine Society, is always on the hunt for scandalous scoops to fill her pages. Now she's discovered a top-secret village in the English countryside where the rich and famous own weekend retreats. Where film stars, Turner-prize winners and billionaires park their helicopters outside the gastropub and buy £100 sourdough loaves from the deli.
Outsiders are strictly forbidden. But luckily Laura's best friend Lulu, a logo-obsessed socialite with a heart as huge as her sunglasses, suddenly fancies a quiet life in the country...
But life in this enchanted rural idyll is harder than it looks. A brawl at the world's poshest pub quiz nearly brings down the government. And gossip from rehearsals of the midsummer pantomime threatens to tear the village apart...
Can Laura write her exposé before the snobbish villagers blow her cover and suss her true identity?

My Thoughts:

I love escaping into the crazy world of Laura Lake. The books are so bonkers, but at the same time, you can imagine people with too much money being like the characters! Little sheep following the latest wacky trend!
I really liked the idea of Great Hording, the place sounded so tranquil (despite all the drama) and picturesque, and the pub seemed like a funky place to stay.
I don’t know if I’m mad, but I really want to try After Eight gravy!
I loved Lulu being back in this book, deciphering her utterances is part of the fun of this book, but working out nuclear science codes would be easier!
I can imagine the author writing these books having the freedom to write whatever insane and out of this world thought that comes into her head, I am in awe with how her mind must work!
I’ve got the next book as an ARC to read, but I don’t know if I can cope with another bucket load of madness! Although, at the same time, it might be an idea to read it straight away so I can have all the crazy characters still in my mind after this one. I said after the last two books I just love the names; they are so far-fetched they are brilliant!

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Last of the Summer Moët
by Wendy Holden
Date Started
19th February 2019
Date Finished
21st February 2019
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