Lance: An Intrigue Novel - Rachel Schurig

Reading Challenge Category: A re-read of a series

Official Blurb:

Lance Foster is finally getting everything he ever wanted. His band, Intrigue, has the number one record in the country. Screaming fans, crowds of paparazzi, television performances, photo shoots—not to mention more than his fair share of female attention. Being a rock star definitely has its perks and Lance is determined to enjoy all of them.
Willa Nathans has never fit in. Sent to a special school for the “exceedingly gifted” as a child, she spends most of her time buried in books and equations—which doesn’t exactly leave much room for a social life. But all of that ends now. Lance Foster has been her crush for years and Willa is determined, finally, to show him just how much she’s changed.
There’s just one problem—Lance is her brother’s best friend and band mate. And if there’s one thing Lance knows, it’s that Willa is strictly off limits. No matter how difficult he might find it to stop thinking about her.
When Lance’s ex shows up, kid in tow, he realizes that hiding his feelings for Willa from her brother is the least of his worries. Lance is good at one thing—rock and roll. How on earth is he supposed to take care of a kid? When Willa agrees to step in and help out, he knows she’s saving his ass.
What he doesn’t count on is how much more complicated things can get when those pesky hidden feelings refuse to disappear…

My Thoughts:

This was a re-read of this book, as I have just received the second in the series as an ARC from the author.
My memory is awful as I could only remember snippets of this, and I only read it last in 2017! I do remember enjoying it back then, and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around.
It was terrific getting to know Intrigue that was introduced to us in the Ransom books as their opening act. This is a stand-alone book, though, so you don’t have to have read the Ransom books. It is nice, however, that they play small cameos, so if you have read their books, it’s like having old friends visiting for a reunion. I love that Rachel does this to her books as it makes you feel like you already feel at home!
This book is about ladies man Lance coming to terms with a life-changing problem and falling in love in the process.
Like all of Rachel’s books, it was well-written and easy to read. I really liked Willa, and I wish I had her brain! It was a delightful book, and I’m looking forward to tucking into book two!

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Lance: An Intrigue Novel
by Rachel Schurig
Date Started
14th March 2019
Date Finished
15th March 2019
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