Imperfect Women - Araminta Hall

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Official Blurb:

Nancy, Eleanor and Mary met at college and have been friends ever since, through marriages, children and love affairs.
Nancy married her college sweetheart and is now missing that excitement of her youth.
Eleanor put her career above all else and hasn't looked back, despite her soft spot for Nancy's husband.
Mary fell pregnant far too young and is now coping with three children and a mentally unwell husband.
But when Nancy is killed, Eleanor and Mary must align themselves to uncover her killer. And as each of their stories unfold, they realise that there are many different truths to find, and many different ways to bring justice for those we love...
Everyone wants a perfect life. But there is no such thing...

My Thoughts:

I’ve only ever read one other book by this author, and I was blown away, so I was expecting the same from this one. However, even though it is a good book, and I read it at a steady pace, it didn’t have the wow factor that I was expecting.
We are following three women, Eleanor, Nancy and Mary. There are only three chapters in the entire book, one for each woman. With the formatting not having been complete when I read this, I didn’t know this and kept skipping ahead to see if the end of the chapter would appear, it didn’t.
Eleanor’s section lasts 40%! Luckily there are big paragraph breaks so you can easily define where you have left off when you pick it back up.
I kept expecting more from each woman’s story and more revelations than we got. Again, not knowing the format I was expecting other character’s voices but didn’t get them. I would have liked to know one in particular’s side to the story as I felt that was left unfinished slightly.
Even though it wasn’t a mind-blowing and noteworthy book; it was still an excellent solid four-star read. There is enough suspense to keep you reading and trying to guess the outcome.

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Imperfect Women
by Araminta Hall
Date Started
26th July 2020
Date Finished
29th July 2020
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