I Love Happy Cats - Anneleen Bru

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Official Blurb:

People have been under the spell of the mysterious and elegant nature of the cat for thousands of years. They are one of our oldest animal companions and have been much-loved family members in households around the globe for generations. But have you ever felt that despite your good intentions and love, there are some things about your cat you don't quite understand? Do you sometimes feel like it might be trying to tell you something? That you could make them even happier than they already are? This book will change everything you once thought you knew about cats. You can use its many tips and insights to optimize your relationship with your cat. In this book, you will be taken on an intimate journey through the world of the domestic cat, covering all their natural instincts and mysterious behaviors. The tips and tricks are the outcome of hundreds of behavioral consultations. Your relationship with your cat will never be the same.

My Thoughts:

I requested this book from NetGalley as I fancied a change from fiction books. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love cats and that they are my world. I help out on holiday in Cyprus every year with a cat sanctuary over there and have two princesses and a prince of my own. They are my everything, and so I thought this would make an interesting read to make sure I am doing everything correctly and that my cats are as happy as they possibly can be. It would break my heart to think they weren’t happy.
This book, though, was not a comfortable read. It was not enjoyable, and I felt like I was being chastised for everything I do, even though I am doing everything right according to her, I still felt ‘told-off’. It was written in a very condescending tone, and all of her ‘advice’ was so rigid and strict. It felt like she was the only person in the world that knew how to look after cats, and the rest of us are damaging our cats beyond repair. All cats must be unhappy, and all owners must be doing everything wrong, or so it came across as her point of view.
The book was disjointed and jumped from point to point. I’m not sure if this was a formatting issue that might be fixed in the final proof, but I just kept thinking where did this advice come from it’s not linked to what she was just talking about. There were many times where she would say you ‘must do this if your cat is unhappy’ but gave you no advice on how to tell if your cat is unhappy.
My house is completely overrun with cat ‘stuff’, the cats have the run of the entire place, and in every room we have something to make their world that little bit better, but after reading this book I have been made to feel like I should get rid of all human effects and it just be a house for the cats. I mean I am so selfish for having things in my cupboards and wardrobe as according to Anneleen Bru I should clear them out for the cats to use! I mean I am sat in my office right now looking around, and ok the cats can’t get on top of the bookshelf as there are things there. However, they have three cat beds, two radiator beds, two large scratching post thingys, one standard plain scratching post, three interactive toys, a bowl of food, a bowl of water and an interactive food thing and that is all just in the office. However, I feel like I should clear out the desks and cupboards and put a scratching post in the middle of the room because God forbid it’s against a wall, and then I should spend six weeks doing nothing but making sure the cats use this post and if they don’t get rid of it. This is her advice, get things and then if they don’t use them you can then put them away or get rid! What?!?
Ah, to say I was frustrated reading this book is an understatement and I don’t recommend it to anyone, not even those who don’t have a cat and are thinking about the things they need to do. This book would put any would-be adopter off for life!

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I Love Happy Cats
by Anneleen Bru
Date Started
29th July 2019
Date Finished
29th July 2019
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