Holiday in the Hills - Lilac Mills

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Official Blurb:

How do you write a romance novel with a broken heart?
Ivy is suffering from writer’s block after a disastrous affair with her (now ex) publisher. Her agent suggests an extended holiday to get her writing career back on track – a month’s stay in a stunning villa on the gorgeous island of Tenerife.
No WiFi, no TV, no distractions.
Except for the very attractive, very lovely Sebastián who comes by every day to clean the pool. Soon Ivy’s on a roll with her new novel and her relationship with Sebastián is growing into something more, despite the secrets he’s keeping.
But her ex isn’t done with her – professionally or personally. And with Sebastián keeping secrets, maybe a return to London is best…

My Thoughts:

This is the perfect escape book. One to read when you want to be in a world of sunshine and romance.
I was expecting it to be linked to the first book in the series also set on Tenerife, but it isn’t. We don’t have any cross over characters, and so this book can be read as a complete stand-alone.
I loved the setting of this book. I stay in a villa in Cyprus once a year, which is up in the mountains and has an infinity pool. This was the villa I saw in the book as it was described almost identically (although in a different country). It made me homesick for the villa I visit, but at the same time I could feel the heat on my face and imagine everything in detail, it was brilliant.
I loved the characters, although Ivy’s lack of self-confidence was a little annoying at times. However, without it, there wouldn’t have been some of the best bits of drama in the book.
This is a real feel-good book, filled with all the ups and downs and happy ever afters that you would expect and need from such a story.

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Holiday in the Hills
by Lilac Mills
Date Started
27th September 2020
Date Finished
28th September 2020
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