His Snow Bunny - Poppy Parkes

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

There’s a first time for everything…
The last thing Winter Whittaker wants is to spend her weekend at Bachelor Mountain ski resort grooming the ego of Olympian Brett Carnegie. But her little sister secretly entered her in the “Meet a Celebrity” contest, so she has to pack her snow gear and head to the peak.
But when she snowplows into photographer Gabe Delgado, she finds herself rethinking everything — including giving up the V card she’s been saving for just the right person.
And she’s not the only one willing to make sacrifices to be with the person who makes her heart sing and her magic carpet throb. Gabe is right there with her, considering making a bomb run on his career to cut fresh tracks toward happily ever after with Winter.
The only question is — is she ready for forever, or will the weekend be a total wipeout?

My Thoughts:

This book started off quite well. Winter seemed like an interesting character. Very shy but willing to go out of her comfort zone and go on a competition win that her sister had entered her for.
However, then she meets Gabe, and her whole personality changed, and she becomes brazen and confident. I suppose you could argue that it was Gabe that brought this out of her, but it was such a 180 that it just seemed a bit unrealistic.
As I was reading and got to about 50% of the way in, I was suddenly reminded of another book I’d read recently as this felt just like that. When I looked it up, I found it was by the same author. It had been the over gushing of admiration from the bloke towards the woman that had set this reminder off. It was over the top in the other book, and it was overdone in this one too. They had only just met, yet he was all corny and dreamy-eyed. He went on and on about how amazing his life was going to be and how he couldn’t believe he had met someone like Winter.
So this book wasn't unique, I felt like I was rereading the other book, prompting me to decide not to read any books from this author in the future if they are all going to be the same and have this exaggerated and gag-worthy gushing.

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His Snow Bunny
by Poppy Parkes
Date Started
22nd April 2020
Date Finished
22nd April 2020
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