His Perfect Martini - Angel Devlin

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Official Blurb:

What happens in Vegas, can't always stay in Vegas.
Mila Williams came to Vegas to show her family that it was love not money that counted in this world. But once her allowance stopped, so did the relationship. Starting over as a cocktail waitress, Mila can’t believe the idiots who get drunk in her bar then married. She vows she's better off alone.
Louis Clayton is an upcoming YouTube sensation, famed for his elaborate stunts and pranks. But none are more shocking than travelling to Vegas to marry a stranger, a woman he's never met before. Louis is looking to hit one million subscribers, Mila's just looking to forget her mundane life for one drunken night.
No one expects what happens next. Now millions know Mila's name and Louis isn't so sure it's all a joke anymore.

My Thoughts:

I loved the recklessness of this story. No matter what, Louis was going to find a wife in Vegas. There wasn’t any falling in love and then a quickie marriage, the whole purpose of the book was a carefree abandon.
That’s not to say they didn’t fall madly in love in the end, though. I was expecting Mila to be all prissy about the situation, but she embraced it, and this worked perfectly within the storyline. Nothing was too heavy, or over the top, the balance was just right. Louis was a complete tool with a soft side and obviously wanted to calm down a little bit while still doing what he loved. Mila had just the right amount of wildness and rebellion whilst remaining practical about the situation.
Overall, a really enjoyable and delightful read. This is slightly longer than some of the other Flirt Club collaborations that Angel Devlin has written. I think this worked in her favour as she was really able to develop the story and the characters fully.

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His Perfect Martini
by Angel Devlin
Date Started
21st July 2019
Date Finished
21st July 2019
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