His Mimosa - Jamie Schlosser

Reading Challenge Category: A catch-up Flirt Club book

Official Blurb:

Carter doesn’t believe in love at first sight or happily ever after. When he goes to Vegas for his brother’s bachelor party, the last thing he expects is Brynne, the beautiful cocktail waitress who nurses his hangover with a drink just as bubbly and sweet as she is.
Brynne’s optimism and unfailing faith in love is a breath of fresh air, and it makes him think maybe he’s had it wrong all along.
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And Carter’s heart? It might be taking up permanent residence there.

My Thoughts:

This book was a pleasant surprise of a read. I needed something light and effortless to read, and this was the perfect book.
The characters were likeable, the writing style was uncomplicated, and it had the perfect amount of steamy moments versus story to keep you interested in everything that was happening.
Carter at first seems like a right unlikable douchebag, but then he meets Brynne who turns his world and his belief system upside down. I love how both of them tiptoed around how they thought the other would be feeling. It felt so realistic. They aren’t just blurting out their undying love for one another from the moment they met. They were trepidatious and were taking what Carter had said from the beginning into serious consideration.
I really liked Brynne’s personality; she just seemed so down to earth. She was low maintenance and fun. She seemed like the right kind of person that would change Carter’s mind on everything he thought he believed in. I did struggle every time I read her name though, how on earth is it pronounced?!?
This is the only book I have read by this author, and I think the only one they did for the Flirt Club unless they have written under a different name as some of them often do. So, I will be hunting down their other work as I was very impressed. It kept me entertained and kept my attention when at the moment I have a lot on my mind, so that wasn’t an easy feat!

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His Mimosa
by Jamie Schlosser
Date Started
30th January 2020
Date Finished
31st January 2020
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