His Hurricane - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

Falling in love can be like weathering a storm.
Tempest doesn't trust men. Like, not at all—and with good reason. So this is new territory for her. Then again, she's never known a man like Maddox, who simply laughs off her attempts to ignore him. When she finally gives in and her trust is violated, things get stormy fast.
Maddox's career as a Silicon Valley angel investor has earned him over a billion dollars and made him famous. When he meets Tempest, though, he quickly has his beliefs about risk versus reward severely tested.
Grab your raincoat and umbrella, 'cause shit's about to get real.

My Thoughts:

This book certainly had a darker feel to it than the other Alexis Adaire books I have just read.
Tempest has an enigma about her. She outwardly seems confident with all her tattoos and her funky style. However, she has a dark past, and this is overshadowing her being happy and settling. Can she let her guard down long enough to find joy in something she has been avoiding for years?
Maddox is used to getting everything he wants. All he has to do is click his fingers, and it will appear. So when he can’t get Tempest, she becomes more alluring and intriguing to him. Unfortunately, he makes a stupid mistake which he will come to regret.
I liked that the characters were from two different worlds. On the one hand, you have Tempest working in a bar to make ends meet. On the other, you have Maddox living in opulent indulgence with more money than sense. It was a great contrast.
The story developed well and at a nice pace. The author had a few more pages to play with than usual in this story. This was most apparent as you felt like you were along for the ride with the characters getting to know one another and all of their hang-ups.
I did feel like Tempest’s secret could have been a little grittier. I was a bit disappointed with this, but it was only a minor gripe.
The book had plenty of ups, downs and drama to keep the reader interested. Overall, an enjoyable read.

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His Hurricane
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
27th September 2019
Date Finished
27th September 2019
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