His Dragon Queen - Alexis Adaire

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Official Blurb:

Dani is a college sophomore with a secret: It seems like she's the only virgin at Oak Ridge University. Kal is a senior about to go on to grad school. He doesn't need any complications that might sabotage his future. So of course they tumble into bed together and fall in love.
Their perfect young relationship unravels, though, when a naked coed shows up in the wrong place at the worst possible time. Now Kal has to fight to fix a ghost of a problem that he can't even see, Halloween arrives just in time to give him a costumed chance at redemption.
The Queen of Dragons wants a man who will walk through fire for her. Can the Dothraki warlord deliver, proving he deserves to be her King?

My Thoughts:

At first, I was really confused when reading this book as it seemed to be set at Christmas and I was sure it was supposed to be based around Halloween. However, it just starts at Christmas. Then the main story spanned over 12 months incorporating the Flirt Club’s theme of a haunted house run by the sorority girls in the following October.
The story grew on me as it developed. Kal was a little evasive to his feelings so I can understand why Dani did jump to conclusions. However, I think this was overdramatised a little as it could have been easily solved had she either have walked into the bedroom or given him the chance to explain sooner.
Time moved very fast in this book, jumping through the months, so I did feel as if I was missing out on big chunks of their lives. Missing out on what they were up to, their reactions to the situation and decisions that were being made.
So even though, this was a light and fun read overall, I’ve just read four of Alexis Adaire’s books back to back, and this wasn’t my favourite of the four. It could have been so much better with a little more of a condensed timeline, and then I may have felt a little more compassion and warmth towards the characters.

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His Dragon Queen
by Alexis Adaire
Date Started
26th September 2019
Date Finished
26th September 2019
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